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10 « made in china » Cancer-causing foods full of plastic and pesticides you must avoid

A minimum of 30% Of each and every american shop’s products are from Chinese origins , from furniture to food . Now we are all familiar with that , what we dont know is that most of these products and especially the ones food related are very harmful for our health .
Lately , a huge inconvenience in the Chinese food industry has been caused , and it’s number one reason was replacing natural and healthy ingredients by toxic and chemical ones .
Maybe buying cheap Chinese food isn’t that great anyways ? Yes it is cheaper than the usual but is a couple of cents less worth risking your health for ? Let me mention some of many Chinese foods that we should all ban from our system and never use .

Tilapia fish .
Now the Tilapia fish is mostly known for wondering the Chinese lakes , ponds , and shallow streams . These spots specifically are contaminated with not only trash and people’s garbage but also toxic chemicals thrown by industries into the fresh water , whatever the water contains , will end up inside the Tilapia’s alimentary system , and whatever the Tilapia’s made of , will end up inside the consumer’s system so better avoid it at all causes .

the cod fish .
Another fish has joined the banned products group , but this one isn’t harmful for wondering the Chinese toxic water , but for being able to survive only on a huge , large amount of antibiotics given by Chinese farmers that sooner or later will end up inside the consumer’s stomach

Apple juice .
We all know it’s America’s favorite juice , but most of us don’t know that 50% of it is actually from china , they sadly use and produce more pesticides than any foreign country and what makes the case even worse is that those pesticides aren’t always mentioned on the food labels as BNN studies show . You know , let’s just grow our own apples .

Mushrooms .
30% of our mushrooms have Chinese origins , but since their agricultural products don’t go through a known nor familiar process , being sure that their mushrooms are consumable can’t be achieved . As a Straits Times study shows , the mushroom suppliers in northwestern China , specifically in Shanxi , have been using strong toxic chemical additives to bleach mushrooms so they would attract the buyers eye and look freshNot to forget that the pungent-smelling white liquid that we might find in mushrooms can and has caused kindney failure and possibly death after being consumed .

Garlic .
The third of our processed garlic is from china just like our mushrooms , and most of it contains methyl bromide , which is a heavy chemical that makes garlic more tasty but can cause digestive issues such as Diarrhea .

Chicken .
Did you know that melamine-laced baby formula and poisonous dog biscuits don’t go through a reasonable good food safety regime ? That’s what The Washington Post published one day , this process makes it scary to consume their chicken because these food safety standards are very poor and unacceptable , but we still do after all , which is very dangerous for us all .

Plastic rice .
Cooked rice , rice cakes , fried rice , anyway we make rice it’s always tasty and delicious, but is it worth risking our health for ? Rumors say that The plastic rice made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, and synthetic resin is made , produced and exported to many Asian countries .

Black pepper
Many years ago , a vendor in china was caught making black pepper from mud , now imagine if that black pepper ended up inside your stomach , the vendor was never identified , which makes it even more suspicious to think that the black pepper made in china can never be trusted

Industrial salt
So many frauds in china , in 2017 a Chinese married couple have been buying industrial salt and reselling it as table salt , now we can’t notice the difference for sure , but out system surely can .

Imposter green peas
Fake pepper , fake salt , now we give you fake green peas . It seems very odd we know . In China they actually managed to make fake beans out of snow peas , soy beans , some green dye and sodium metabisulfite, as toxic as this sounds they have been selling it in china and considered as delicious green peas , the problem is you can only know if these peas are fake after you cook them because the green dye fades away and they wouldn’t get softer .
Stay safe and read the food labels every time you buy a product , and stay away from Chinese food products as much as you can.

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