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11 Foods That Cause Belly Fat

A lot of women are struggling to get rid of belly fat, This stubborn fat is not only unappealing but can also affect your health. As your belly gets bigger, your health risks arise as well including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer of the colon, esophagus and pancreas, chronic inflammation, and other serious problems. To put it differently, losing belly fat is the best decision you can take to ward off horrific health problems.
Truth to be told ,we are all intrigued by those commercials claiming to know « the magical secret to losing belly fat ». we spend countless hours and money trying anything and everything to achieve that flat stomach. But it’s all in vain, you can’t banish belly fat overnight with some magical weapon it takes countless effort to achieve that flat tummy starting from your daily diet to your workout routine.
Typically, there are many types of food that you need to cut out drastically to lose belly fat. Below you’ll find eleven types. But  you should start by focusing on changing just one thing. Then, once you conquer that first mission, you can move on to the next one, and so on.

1. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is a popular trend these days and is known for its detoxing benefits and weight loss. Nevertheless, it may not be as healthy as it sounds. Fresh juices are high in sugar and calories. Drinking them regularly can contribute to excess caloric intake which leads you to put on some weight.
The process of making fruit juice stripes away all the good nutrients from fruit. Do your body a favor and just stick to low sugar fruits like lemon.

2. Sugar

Consuming sugar in moderation is not a problem. The real problem appears when we overeat high sugar foods which makes us feel unbelievably good, once this feeling subsides, we end up craving for more.
Thus, we must control our intake of this highly addictive substance , whether it comes from sweets, drinks, cookies, spaghetti, ketchup. Don’t be fooled by these “healthy “ or « artificial » sugars. they are the same as regular sugar and they can even be worse.

3. Trans Fats

Of all the fats, trans fat is the unhealthiest. Reports show that even a gram or less can affect your health. Too much trans-fat in your diet may lead to inflammation, heart disease, and other serious health diseases.
Trans fats can be found in almost every food whether it’s fried, fast, packaged, or processed food. So, it’s better to avoid margarine and shortening, cakes, pies, and even microwave popcorn.

4. Saturated Fat

Just like trans-fat , saturated fat can lead to heart disease, high cholesterol, and other health issues. Many high-fat foods such as pizza Cheese food, yellow squares of goo, have a lot of saturated fat as well. cutting out this kind of food is your best solution to ensure your good health.

5. Low-Protein Diets

Protein can be an incredible belly fighter. High protein diets make you feel satiated for a long time which can lead to reducing caloric intake.

There are tons of food that contain protein such as skinless chicken, 90% ground beef, beans and lentils, fish, nuts and nut butter, pork, and eggs.

But what matters the most is how you prepare them. Thus, frying or smothering them in sauces can be counterproductive.

You would be filling two needs with one deed by eating these foods since each of them have huge health benefits as well.

6. Low-Fiber Diets

Fiber is often classified into two categories, soluble fiber, and insoluble fiber. The first type can help you drop some weight and keep it off by curbing your appetite, which lessens your calories consumption. If you consume 10 grams of soluble fiber every day, your risk of developing belly fat decreases by 3.7%. On the other hand , insoluble fiber encourages the movement of food through your body and prevents constipation.
In case you want a quick boost in both protein and soluble fat, it’s easy just sprinkle two tablespoons of chia seeds on your breakfast. But you have to avoid foods that have the other type of fiber.

7. Refined Grains

From a nutritional standpoint, Refined grains may be “enriched.” But that doesn’t make up for the refining.

Refined grain is rapidly processed into sugar, and then into fat. In comparison to its cousin whole grain which is processed slowly, churning out a steady stream of fuel to boost your energy and strengthen your muscles. Thus, it’s better to avoid pastries, bread, pasta, breaded foods and white rice ….etc.

8. Salt

 People who consume more salt tend to pack on the pounds.  It makes you bloat and worsen your stomach bulge. It may also cause a lot of serious health issues such as heart disease. However , our body can’t function properly without eating it .

As consumer you should be aware of other things that replace salt like MSG , read labels and select lower salt products and don’t forget to drink a lot of water .

9. Alcohol

  If you have a « beer belly, » well you are not alone. It appears that beer drinkers all around the world tend to grow that infamous paunch, especially if they are men that drinks at least three drinks every day.
Mixers are full of sugar and milk-based ones are full of fat, the bottom line is alcohol may cause you a lot of other health issues which is why you should cut down your alcohol consumption.

10. Processed Meat

In this busy life, resorting to processed meat allows people to quickly feed their body and boost their energy. But unfortunately, it is bad for their health. In fact, processed meat is one of the top twelve common causes of weight gain.

Thus, instead of munching more of that unhealthy processed meat why don’t you try canned tuna, grilled chicken breast, egg salad, nut butter, or veggie burgers. And remember to avoid as much as you can mayo, jelly, and other condiments.

11. Fast Food

Most of us won’t bat an eyelash when someone tells us that eating junk food is unhealthy. It seems obvious since they have a high-calorie count. Thus, it’s better to stay away from burgers, chicken strips, pizza, French fries, burritos, and even fast-food salads.

If you don’t want a flat stomach, by all means , continue to eat ultra-processed food that lacks fiber, protein, and vitamins. These foods tend to make you eat more which automatically leads to weight gain.


You might be eager to lose belly fat to improve your appearance and boost your self-esteem, or because your doctor warned you about your health. Either way, you should do this without any toxic and dangerous diets.
Weight loss doesn’t happen in the gym or your kitchen, it starts in our mind. Mental health can be the best belly fighter, if you are motivated and have the right mindset to finish this fight, then you’ll be the winner at the end of the war. Of course, that’s not enough.
Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a must. so is a good sleep and a stress-free daily life. You should also banish the eleven types of food mentioned above to ward off horrific health problems.

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