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5 Natural Cures for Hyperpigmentation

Your skin goes a long way in boosting your self-esteem and carry the natural aura of confidence. This, however, is an issue when you are faced with hyperpigmentation. At the end of the day when you remove the concealers or foundations used to hide the condition, the miserable truth remains undeniable. Your skin makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure.

This issue may not be completely avoidable, but it is definitely manageable by using natural remedies which will prevent this skin condition, or stop it becoming more prominent, in this article we will wrap our head around hyperpigmentation once and for all.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Our skin is a shield which protect us from a lot of environmental issues and at the same time it is considered to be a mere reflection of the internal state of our body.

In this case, hyperpigmentation is a red flag sent by our own body to warn us that something is wrong.

In a nutshell, Hyperpigmentation (also known as melasma), is a harmless condition in which some areas on the skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This issue occurs when the skin produces more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. This condition is sometimes mistaken for hypopigmentation, but they are nothing alike. In fact, this issue can affect the skin color of many people of any race for many reasons.

Overexposure is cited as the most common reason for Hyperpigmentation, but it can also be triggered by other factors, such as:

– Certain types of Infections (e, g, Cyanosis, and Jaundice).
– Anxiety.
– Hereditary Qualities.
– Sudden Changes in Hormone Production.


Nature is always full of surprises and even the most common plants can be an excellent resource for your skin! Here are 5 naturel ways to get rid of dark spot :


We all know the old adage “cool as a cucumber.” But what makes it so cool?

Well simply because it can be used for a wide variety of skin problems, including hyperpigmentation. cucumbers contain properties which can rejuvenate the skin as well as lighten the dark spots on the skin.

To get started, take a cucumber and put it in a juicer. Once you have the juice, apply it on the dark spots on your skin.

Leave the juice there for around thirty minutes and then wash it all off. Do this every day until you see the results you need.

2-Lemon Juice and Honey

A combination of these two Powerful and Natural Ingredients is considered to be a healing elixir in the health world.

While the honey gently moisturizes your skin and removes dark spots, the lemon juice can act as the perfect bleaching agent, which is exactly what you need to lighten your dark spots.

To create this mixture, simply blend a glass of lemon juice with an equal amount of natural crude nectar.

Apply this blend on the affected parts of your skin Now, let your skin soak up all this goodness for around 10 to 20 minutes then wash them off. Avoid this remedy if you have sensitive skin.

3-Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

The bleaching properties of aloe Vera and Vitamin E skin-mending properties work wonders to eliminate your skin of dark spots, thus leaving your skin bright and glowing.

For this cure to work, you will need to take some Aloe Vera leaves and extract their gel. Take the gel and apply it on the affected parts of your skin.

Leave the gel there for 20 minutes then wipe them off. After that, get a skincare product with plenty of Vitamin E and rub it into the same spots where you applied the Aloe Vera gel.


Turmeric masks can brighten and lighten skin tone. Turmeric works amazingly well to treat dark spots and patches. It is particularly helpful if your hyperpigmentation is due to excessive sun exposure.

To use this treatment, you will need to combine 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder with 2 tablespoons of flour.

You will also need a half teaspoon of natural almond oil and enough water to make a thick gel. Apply this treatment on the affected areas for 10 to 20 minutes each day.


A potato is a storehouse of numerous minerals that work together to provide many skin care benefits. There are many different ways to use potatoes to reduce hyperpigmentation effects. This one was our favorite pick:

Simply, cut a potato in half and rub the parts over the affected portions of your skin. You can also put potatoes into a juicer and apply the resulting juice like skin lotion.

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