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Six Food Combinations That Can Destroy Your Body

We are certainly in a digital era when more than ever, we can find any information we want simply by searching a keyword. However, finding reliable information on the internet can be a challenge. So, you must be cautious if you want to distinguish between what is fake and what is real, especially when it comes to your health.

We have probably all come across information that emphasizes the combination of certain foods can have major side effects, such as diabetes, cancer, or arthritis. As a rational human being who strives for error-free information to guide your diet choices, the internet can be your double-edged sword. If you know how to wield it, you can easily find the right info.

Sometimes, behind food-combination myths, there’s a kernel of truth. that doesn’t mean you should boycott them entirely thought. This article aims to separate the science from the myth surrounding these six food combinations. Let’s unveil the truth together!

1. Fruit With Or After A Meal

The story: Another twist on the theme of “different digestion times” claims that eating fruit with or after meals is risky because is so easily digested which causes food to sit in your stomach and ferment or rot.

The reality: While it’s true that the sugar in fruit is easily digested, the rest of these claims are false. Fruit also has fiber that slows the absorption of that sugar into your blood. It’s a helpful failsafe that prevents a dangerous spike in blood sugar.

Rotting fruits in your stomach? Sounds terrifying. And it would be, if this claim was remotely true. Fortunately, it is not. Fruit doesn’t stay in your stomach long enough to ferment. As a matter of fact, the stomach is so acidic that fermentation isn’t feasible.

2. Meat And Pasta

The story: No matter how inaccurate and false they are, these  Internet-driven food myths just refuse to die , this one indicates that your system can’t handle food elements that are digested differently such as carbohydrate and protein , the story claims that a carbohydrate begins to be broken down by saliva and the process continues in your stomach and intestines, while protein doesn’t really start to get digested until it hits your stomach.

The reality: Although foods can be digested a bit differently, most bodies can certainly handle it. I guess we are built specifically to eat this. After all, humans must eat a variety of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to maintain balance. So, don’t worry about this one unless you experience digestive distress.

3. Cucumbers And Tomatoes

The story: Since cucumbers and tomatoes are digested a bit differently, combining them causes problems in digestion which sets in motion a sort of chain reaction. Such as nausea, gas, bloating, or even (gasp) death. The story also indicates that Cucumbers contain an enzyme which destroys vitamin C in tomatoes.

The reality: Cucumbers indeed contain an enzyme that destroys vitamin C, but you will get plenty of daily vitamin C from other sources, adding a little vinegar to the combo can negate the effect.  Concerning the other issue, eating food with vastly different digestion times can indeed cause stomachache to some people with a sensitive stomach.

4. Cold Water With A Meal

The story: Since grease does congeal when exposed to cool temperatures outside of the body. The story claims that drinking cold water directly before, during, or after a meal will cause the food to congeal or solidify in your stomach. The theory also suggests that consuming cold water with food dilutes stomach acid and hence inhibit digestive processes.

The reality: The first thing to remember is that our bodies are warm inside. so even after drinking cold water, it will quickly warm up to body temperature. Although cold water can help prevent overheating when you’ve been out in the sun too long, it’s not enough to solidify grease and keep it that way throughout the digestion process. Drinking water of any temperature during a meal may aid digestion.

Besides, water can be pretty good at breaking things down all by itself, and in your digestive system, it works in tandem with stomach acid, not against it.

5. Milk And Sour Fruit

The story: this myth claims that mixing pineapple, lemon, and orange with milk is most likely risky. When you add acidic fruit juice to warm milk, it will clot the milk and spoil it. When curdling happens in your stomach, you get sick.

The reality: Actually, there are a couple of shreds of truth here, but they are slightly misstated. First, the acid in the fruit can clot milk, especially warm milk. However, when it is added to cold milk, the curdling process happens so slowly that you won’t even notice it.

Moreover, milk is usually curdled on purpose for products like cheese and yogurt. So, it isn’t necessarily bad for you unless it is a result of spoilage. Besides, milk always clotted once it hits your stomach.

6. Hot Dogs And French Fries

The story: frying potatoes to a high temperature create the carcinogen acrylamide and the cooking oils are artery-clogging trans fats. The massive amount of salt on French fries also causes a host of physical problems.

Meanwhile, Hot dogs are processed meats that are full of cancer-causing preservatives and a lot of sodium. The refined white flour in the bun is nutritionally void and will spike your blood sugar dangerously.

The reality: We can’t debunk this myth since it’s certainly true, normally pairing two unhealthy greasy foods together, arise your risk of getting diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. In the short term, you are likely to experience stomachache, diarrhea, or constipation as well as higher blood pressure and a cranky or depressed mood.

The bottom line is that you should trust your body. It is a masterpiece designed to digest all sorts of food combo. Of course, everyone has a different body. Certain combinations may bother you more than they do to others. Just pay attention to your body’s red flags!

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