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Things to Make You Feel Good About Your body

According to recent studies, commercials, TV, and magazines or anything that
advertises something impacts our self-esteem. Usually, these ads are full of artifice and false hope. Their sole purpose is to make us desire something or make us feel bad for not having it.

We’re currently living in an era where social media takes an important part of our lives  and  can easily ruin our mental health and wellbeing. these social platforms, unfortunately, promote  unrealistic lifestyles and glorify the concept of “ perfection “, which can make women feel as if their bodies aren’t good enough.

But it’s important to realize ,that for every single thing in the world we’re living in , there is a right wing and a left wing: for the wing of love there is hate; for the wing of courage there is fear; for the wing of hope there is despair, if we want to fly, we have to spread both of our wings. Two beautiful wings are the balance, a bird with one wing is just imperfect.  

So, these people who always strive to cut off the other wing in the hope of incarnating “true perfection”, ironically in doing so, they only have created a crippled imperfect race.

Below there are some little reminders of things we already know but we are not always conscious of. things that can help us feel good about ourselves .

It’s Never As Good As It Seems

Those actors and “ Instagram models” may seem ethereal in magazines or movies, but in real life they are humans. No matter how good-looking they are, they still have imperfections and insecurities just like the rest of us.

According to reports, the beauty industry has some of the greatest numbers of low self-esteem and depression. These people ‘s self-worth is unfortunately weighed by the number of fans that they have. Besides, they are being consistently judged by their appearance, which impacts their mental and emotional health. 

So, don’t feel bad about yourself when you see a perfect photo of a celebrity or a model online because even for them it’s impossible to match the “flawlessness” that photoshop can produce. And you should always remember that everyone is gorgeous in their own way.  

Putting some weight isn’t the end of the world

Looking at a mirror sounds very simple; however, it may be a difficult challenge for some people. The reflection can sometimes show their darkest insecurities and imperfections. The longest they look, the more they dislike themselves which eventually leads them to criticize and shame their own body.

This emotional abuse can impact their entire life. They would starve themselves or use some toxic, damaging diet just to be perfectly fit. But perfection is beyond their reach because each one of us is imperfect which can make us perfect in our way.

Flawlessly Perfect Skin is a Myth

There is no such thing as a perfect skin, it is just an illusion perpetuated by media and publishers. Everyone has a pimple, stretch mark, scar or something on their skin, some are just good at hiding these “imperfections”.

Truth to be told, ditching the quest for flawless skin is the best thing we can do because life isn’t just about perfection, we were made to be perfectly imperfect.

Little Pouch

There are tons of workout routines made to remove that stubborn little pouch at the front of your lower abs. Contrary to magazine articles that claim otherwise, this pouch protects the organs surrounding it. It is normal anatomy, so instead of getting rid of it, girls should just embrace it and accept it as a part of their own body.

Eating Unhealthy

When it comes to eating healthy, it’s often seen as black or white . of course, the darker side tends to focus on junk food. However, sometimes unhealthy food can be a blessing in disguise, I know that sounds impossible, but think about it when we are anxious or sad, fast food can put us at our ease, and lessen our depression.

Plus, our bodies are way smarter than we think. you can eat unhealthy for a while and your body will still protect you. I’m not implying we should be munching on junk food daily. As the saying goes, moderation is the key.

Flat Stomach

fat stomach has been painted by social media and society as something incredibly negative. But in reality, our stomach was never meant to be flat  in the first place, after a meal it expands and that’s completely normal . Its highly recommended to measure yourself in the morning because you are at your lightest, but it would be great if you don’t let some numbers define your worth.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong in trying to improve your appearance .what is really  wrong is when you are obsessed by the idea of meeting some ‘artificial’ beauty standards , hence becoming a ‘perfectionist’ in the negative sense of the word.

No matter how fit and good we look from the outside , our inside is what matter the most so the best thing we can do is to love ourselves , embrace our flaws and overcome our insecurities. 

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